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When I’m heading to bed and turn the lights off downstairs


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When people turn to fictional characters, it’s often because they want an escape. The stories of these people shelter us from the storm of our daily lives; they save us, if only for a little while. But when we really give in, become invested, let ourselves be vulnerable, something changes. We begin to feel that we know them. It’s no longer just an escape, but part of us, something that makes us who we are.

These characters teach us that incredible adversity can be overcome. That people can love each other forever. That life can be an adventure. That magic can be real. And even if these miracles have never happened to us, we begin to go through life believing that, someday, they could.

“And I promise you that you’re important. Don’t look at me like that- in all my 900 years I’ve never met someone who wasn’t important.”

“Cheer up mate, it gets better. Look at me, I was once a little kid living under the stairs. You’ll do fine.”

“Hey. I know it seems like life sucks, that you’ve got the devil on your tail. Hell, sometimes you do. But you’re strong enough to beat him. You’ve got friends at your back and family too, and that’s what really counts in the end.”

“Don’t be silly, they’re wrong about you; of course you matter. You’ve always mattered.”


Prove to me I’m important

Whenever I’m having a really bad day at work, I imagine Madoka, Sayaka, Kyouko, Homura, and Mami are with me protecting me and telling me everything will be alright. I imagine Godoka hugging me and telling me she’s watching over me and will take my pain and despair away. I imagine Kyouko smiling and offering me some “Rocky.” I imagine my favorite Pokemon following me around. I imagine my favorite Pokemon, Piplup, sitting on my shoulder or my head when I’m walking around. If I lay in bed and cry myself to sleep, I imagine Piplup and Oshawott laying with me, cuddled up with me. I know I probably makes me sound crazy, but it makes me feel better.

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